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Going at it step by step per instructions. Biggest advance has been to install new clutch and fit it to electric motor. The transmission is loosely connected to the motor. I have to figure out the right bolts since the adaptor plate now in place is considerably thicker than the sheet metal on the original car.

I followed a video from the vendor of the kit I'm using to install the clutch. Felt very proud. Then I looked at the written instructions which differed mentioning that the distance between the adapter plate and the pressure plate should be 1.3" +/-.01". Oops. Had to undo and redo.\

Still, it's exciting to see the motor attached to tranny even if loosely.

I keep removing ICE stuff I could have gotten rid of before but wasn't sure what it was. I'm sure there's still more. I either don't know what it is or how I should do it.

Here are links to pics. Comments appreciated.
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