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Mandatory introduction:

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Hey there. My name is Mikey and I'm beginning my quest to convert to an electric car. I live in Logan Utah, and I have little experience with mechanics past changing oil or a home outlet receptacle. My local Library is sending in the book Convert It! for me to check out. I've read some of the starter stuff on this site but I realize there is plenty more. I don't have a car to convert yet. I'm researching on converting my brother's old '85 MR2. Does anyone know if those go alright, or if the rear mounted vertical engine would pose problems?
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Well Mikey, it looks like you have a bunch of research to do but over at EVDL you can do a search for MR2 which I happened to do for you but the link was just too damn long. Go to: and use the search function and type in MR2. It will come up with a bunch of those cars which others have done and some include personal web sites for more information on the conversion process. You have loads to keep you busy and it looks like they may in fact be a very good little car to convert. If at all possible use Lithium. You might also check out this place and watch all the videos.

Glad to hear another one is wanting to convert and recycle a gasser to electric. Now go read up on what others have done and go watch all the movies from EVTV. We will see you back later. Glad to help too when you are ready.

Pete :)
The MR2 will make a great conversion. Welcome to the forum!:)
It's nice to have such a useful, speedy response, thank you for welcoming me to the forum!
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