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Well that's a shitty idea.

Smallest motor? A treadmill motor would probably be good enough, but they'll be higher voltage (90v+).

Honestly, if you got rid of the engine itself and somehow hooked the starter motor to the transmission, that might be enough, just running the starter. Leave it in first, maybe 2nd, and just go slow.

Throw a spare starter battery in parallel so it has some extra capacity, probably a fan on the starter to keep it cool. It might be enough.

Brakes should still work, they just won't be boosted, can you stop a manure truck from 15mph by stomping on the brake alone?

Speed control... is the gearing enough? You could just use a big resistor in a jug of water or nonconductive oil to slow start.

Alternatively you could use any electric hydraulic pump motor from a forklift or whatnot. They'll be 6-7" diameter, about 75-100 lbs. That'll be enough to hit 40mph and you could also dig out some crappy speed controller. A couple/three starter batteries in series is probably fine (24v? 36v?), as long as you keep them topped up without significant deep discharging.

You're on a farm so you surely have some left over industrial scraps around. Tell us what you might be able to re-use and we can probably suggest how to hack something together.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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