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For Sale: One used Manzanita Micro PFC-40 Battery Charger. This charger is in perfect working condition and has performed well for me in my EV conversion. This battery charger has been factory adjusted to maximize overvoltage protection for a 144V battery pack. See note below on overvoltage protection from Joe Smalley (one of the original designers). Trimpots RV41 & RV49 can be returned to factory original settings to allow an output voltage of 360 VDC if so desired.

Additionally this charger has a NEMA 14-30 power cord and Anderson DC connector.

Factory NOTES:
-Adjust RV41=200V & RV49=220V for open circuit
overvoltage protection, 144V pack - per J. Smalley

Operating the charger with no load on the output has a 50% chance of blowing
the output transistor. With that kind of odds, the answer is "Don't Do It
Intentionally." You can reduce the probability of damage by reducing the
regulation voltage and abort voltage settings on the main power board.

There are two pots called RV41 and RV49 that limit the output voltage of the
power stage.

RV41 is a graceful cutback with a slow integration time to allow the charger
power board to operate into a load without a charge controller board. It is
not fast enough to catch an open circuit condition but should be set to
about 20 volts above any battery voltage you expect to see.

RV49 is a violent shutdown that will shut the charger power stage off within
1 microsecond. This shutdown is fast enough to catch an open output if the
threshold is set low enough that the energy stored in the boost inductor can
be safely stored in the output capacitor without reaching dangerous voltages
on the output transistor. It should be set to about 40 volts above any
battery voltage you expect to see.

- Joe Smalley

Sales Brochure info:

The PFC-40 is designed to charge any battery pack from 12 volts to 360 volts nominal (14.4 to 450 peak.) It is power factor corrected and designed for 40 amps in, 40 amps out.

One of the key features of this charger is it's ability to operate on a wide range of input voltage from 60 to 240 volts AC at a frequency range of 40 to 80 Hz. It also has a real time current adjustment knob which allows you to draw the maximum amount of current from a variety of different circuits. To operate at full capacity, this charger needs a 40 Amp circuit.

Input Current Range: 0.3 to 40A AC
Output Current Range: 0 to 40A DC
Height: 5.5 inches
Width: 9.0 inches
Length: 13.0 inches
Weight: 17.2 lbs
Mounting: 4 holes, 5/16" each
Charge Algorithm: Constant Current/Constant Voltage
Output Voltage Range: 12-360 volts
Input Voltage Range: 60-240 volts, 40-80 Hz
Efficiency: 88% to 96% percent (varies by voltage)
Power Factor: .92 to .9997
Connection In: #6-4 Cable w/Plug
Connection Out: #4-3 Cable w/Plug
Input Protection: 50A 240V Breaker
Output Protection: 60A 450V Fuse
Isolated: No, negative input and output are connected
Display: Red LCD 3 digit, Amps drawn
Preset Cutoff Voltage: Yes
Adjustable Cutoff Voltage: Yes, via trim pot (20v/turn)
Adjustable Cutoff Time: Yes, adjustable 0-150 mins
Adjustable Current: Yes, via panel mount rotary knob
Thermal Cutoff Point: 170º F
Thermal Cooling: Thermostat controlled, variable speed fan
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
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