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I scored a used Manzanita PFC20 charger and wonder if anyone has advice - I did the volts trim so that it stopped charging at 99.6V. Now when the battery is at 98.4V is will not start back up when I flip the breaker, even if I turn the voltage trim way up. The blue LED is On solid.

I'd like to trim it to 103V but I can't get it to charge now. I can't get the blue LED to turn Off, even if I unplug everything for a few mins.

I'm not sure what voltage pack it was setup for prior. Do I need to mess with the auto restart potentiometer VR6 behind the faceplate? Or follow the elithion advice? (Well, the elithion advice doesn't seem to change anything..)

I'm looking at the Programming section of Elithion Lithiumate manual - Manzanita Micro (I have a lithiumate BMS).

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