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I need to match a 142 Kw (610 Nm torque) what electric motor would match this?
Hi Gazz,

In your other post you state this is for a vehicle conversion. Simply matching power and torque of the ICE is a surefire way of going very wrong with the electric motor selection. To get a "best fit" electric motor you need to define the application, duty cycle and constraints. This considers the entire system, not just the motor in a box.

Searching for motor price of ones rated 150-200 HP comes back as high as $20,000 new and $2000 used from eBay. Noticed the weight listed on an eBay offering at 3000 pounds. Controllers for motors like these typically cost as much as or more than the motor (new).

A good place to start getting familiar is seeing what's worked for others. Search the EValbum for similar vehicles. Also see this website's wiki.


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