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Match on: Tesla vs porsche mission e

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" “Honey, Is the EV charged?” may soon become one of the most popular phrases in households around the world."

This is an excerpt from an awesome article I just read comparing the Tesla Model S to the Porsche Mission E concept car just unveiled in Frankfurt last month.

The full article is here...
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Great looking concept car.
I have been a advocate of higher voltages for along time.
With all super cars soon to exceed 1000+hp you would think that they would start talking about motor driven down force systems or at least hint about it by showing concepts with huge sexy exhaust ports to vent the air from underneath, Controllable louvers to direct and channel the exhaust air.
I'm thinking roots blowers or centrifugal blowers both good at low pressure scavenging . 2 to 4 of these "vacuum cleaners" for fast differential action.
Active side skirts to enhance low pressure.
A whole new world of aero enhancements for the concept/design guys to
If Tesla increases their battery voltage 2 to 4 times they will be able to charge at 2 to 4 times faster then presently, with very little change to the equipment.
So Porsche is starting to sound a little slow for a change.
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