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Caution : Noob alert !

I am considering buying a new electric motor (kit ) for my 1962 VW bug ..The motor has a smooth shaft . Does anyone know if there are any companies that make
adaptors for such an important piece of the puzzle..I know you can canabalize an old clutch and weld stuff together .. But maybe someone specialzes in such adaptors
.I know the obvious solution , is to "ask the maker of the kit ".. But these people are in Asia , and I am sure they dont know anything at all about old VWs .. They do seem to have a very advanced kit at a very attractive price .. so Im at least considering it...

I realize that there are 472 posts concerning specialed aspects this problem , and Ive waded through maybe half of them , with no luck....

Addendum : I'm asking about coupling the shaft of the electric motor , not an aluminum adaptor plate for the whole motor .. Maybe all motor shafts are the same ? ..I dunno ....
I see not everyone read your addendum. o_O

I bought my coupler about 10 years ago from a company no longer in business. I hope to have it available and an 8in series wound motor for sale this summer if you are interested. The coupler is a "taper lock" designed to fit on a smooth 1 1/8 inch shaft and dowel pins and bolt pattern for a VW flywheel. I plan to reuse my adapter plate if possible.
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