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Matt's 1970 Opel GT - Project Log

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I've decided to convert a 1970 Opel GT to electric.

As usual with my builds, this is a budget build not just for low cost, but trying to use as much unwanted/recycled/garbage/repurposed items as possible. It's not a performance build.

I'll try to update this front post to act as a table of contents for the progress on the thread.

To be updated, but, rough project specs:

- 1970 Opel GT ($200, but, $700, and up as I go).
- AC Forklift motor (free, from a scrapyard).
- Prius Controller (probably, haven't bought yet), with Damian's prototype brain for it. This might also be the charger.
- Recycled 18650 batteries from tool packs (already have).
- 70mph (110 km/hr) or so top speed (highway speed)
- At least 60 mile (100km) range, 120 mile (200km) would be better, I think I have enough cells.
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I believe power assist was invented as a method for providing more force in steering and stopping ever heavier cars before more efficient equipment was invented. Ever notice the steering wheel has gotten smaller over the years? Betcha you cant physically fit a 62 Gm manual steering wheel in a modern anything.

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Most old cars didn't have brake boosters (sport or luxury)
...& they mostly just had drum brakes, on all 4 wheels o_O
The two features are not unrelated. Drum brakes take less actuation force than disk brakes, so switching from drums to disks created the need for assist. Among street-driven vehicles, only very light cars ever had disk brakes with assist; our Triumph Spitfire is one of them, and the pedal effort is high enough that's it's clear that unassisted braking would be problematic for a heavier vehicle.
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