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Hello everyone!

My name is Jarmo and i am from Finland. I finished my first electric car conversation at this autumn and here is small preview from it. I will write all updates of the car in this thread.

Starting point and after inspection when it was ready.

Here is engine room, i used Scott Drive SD300 which is pretty awesome motor controller, that beast can deliver more than 300Kw, it has can-bus, water cooling and tons of other features. I used Siemens 5138 motor.

Here is the center console and dashboard. In center console i have 14" touch screen where i can adjust Scott Drive controller with own software. I have also done web server from where i can send commands to can-bus.

Electric powersteering
Vacuum boosted brakes with electric vacuum pump
About 25kwh battery pack which is made from recycled 18650 cells
Air suspension
Digital dash (raspberry with android)
Center console touch screen (mini pc with can bus modules)

All installations and modifications done by my self.

I hope that i can upgrade my battery pack during the winter to 650V when car can reach about 200Kw power.
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