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I'm just going to leave some photos here as a justification for my absence on this forum. Sorry to everyone that wrote me and didn't get a response!
Over the time I've posted a lot of teardowns of products of other companies, so it is only fair to do the same with our own stuff.

Short summary - we are developing many different Silicon Carbide power converters, for different EV, battery storage and applications.
Filters, AC/DC, DC/DC, step up, down isolated, bidirectional.. The series is called MCP-25, and it is kind of a LEGO. Chain up different modules in series or parallel, to build different systems.

We've also made our own Linux control module with CCS and Chademo interfaces - so it will be possible to make for example direct solar battery to EV systems, or portable fast chargers.

All module types share some basic characteristics:
- Operational voltages around 400V to 800V
- Each module is 25kW
- Very high efficiency (99% for non isolated modules, 97% for 3 phase isolated EV charger)

Still a lot of work ahead of us, but it is progressing well :)

PS: For now 3 phase input is a priority. One phase modules will come later.
PPS: Some of the modules are already available for sale as preorders, but the series is not finished yet so not on the open market yet.
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