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MCP665-b Swiftech Pump

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So I have gone through about 4 pumps with my liquid cooling system now the latest being a 12 volt marine ultility pump from Harbor Freight that didn't last 2 hours of operation! Now I have decided to quit messing around and buy a quality pump the only problem is I can't make it work. It has three wires two are yellow and black on a four pin header and the other is a blue wire used for tach. I tried applying 12 volts to the yellow and black wire and nothing happened. My question is could this blue wire be necessary for it to run and how would I wire it if I am not using it in a computer. The website says that the blue wire plugs into the motherboard where the fan used to go because motherboards need to sense there is a fan or cooling of some kind or else the cpu won't turn on.
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I have the same pump, and although I haven't hooked it up yet it only has two wires, Red and Black. (just like the top picture in the link you provided). So on my 4 pin computer connector looking straight at the connector side with the angled corners down, the far left pin is Red (12v) and the 2nd pin from the left is Black (Gnd). This is the big old style hard drive power connector. The other two simply aren't used.

Hope that helps, if not take a picture of your pump/wiring. (As for the pump it shouldn't care if the rpm signal is used or not)
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