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ME1003 Electric Motor

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Power: 11.5 kW cont-- 23 kW pk
Voltage: 12-72 Volt rated
Speed: 3700 rpm @ 72V unloaded
Size: 8" OD, 7.4 " long (w/o shaft)
Shaft: 7/8"x 1-3/4", 3/16" key
Weight: 39 lbs

There were two of these running in my first version of my DIY electric car - I put about 500 miles on it and then decided I needed more power. Before they were in my car they were purchased for another electric car that never saw the road besides a few short tests.

Honestly - they aren't enough for a car, even a light one - but one would do well in a motorcycle or a electric moped. I will be listing the AXE7245 (72V 450A controllers) that I used with them.

Here is a link to a page with lots of technical specifications about the motor like the technical drawings and performance curves (only at 48 volts, though). Motenergy ME1003 (ME1909) PMDC Motor 12-72VDC 11.5kW Cont. 20kW Pk.

Each motor comes with 4 hex countersunk bolts that bolt into the face plate.

Link to first motor: ME1003 Electric Motor - Mars Electric | eBay
Link to first second: ME1003 Electric Motor - Mars Electric | eBay

Here is a video of both motors (this listing is for motor # 2) running on 12 volts - 4 new items by Forrest Milner

Shoot me a message with any questions!
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Hello Forrest, is this listing still available?
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