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Hello, members!

I have a problem with starting of the car. At the moment of changing of position to status “D” occurs a problem U05959A “Control unit ‘Electric machine A’ has performed a system shutoff. The operating condition for the component or the system are not satisfied”.
We have changed this components from the same car, but in the work condition:

-Electric engine;

-High voltage wires;

-Unit of the transmission;

-All units from Tesla;

-High voltage fuse;

-Battery module

All units was updated by SCN-coding and online.
When I am going to this error it suggest to check capacity of the battery.
Checking of the battery has been successful, also we have changed the battery, but nothing happened.
Capacity of the battery is 27 kW
We have changed engine with the invertor, changed high voltage wires from the battery to fuse module and from fuse module to engine.
We Have changed high voltage fuses, also PTCU (Module of transmission) with SCN-online coding, also was changed EGW (module communication Tesla/Mercedes)
We have changed charging module.
Also interesting information that between mass and HW+ and HW- is 120-150V

Do you know how to solve this problem?

May be by flashing “PTCU”?
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Добрый день! Подскажите, вы решили проблему с запуском електрички от Мерседес Бенц? Заранее благодарен за ответ!

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I got the same problem after replacing the drive-unit. The car starts and "ready" appears, but no reaction when I putt it in "D" - and after few seconds a message come up in the display and U05959A is current in the diagnostic. Unfortunaly the actual values don`t tell anything about the reason for the shut-off.
Did you find out anything more?

(the problem with the old engine was that it was jumping like a kangaroo - when it worked)
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