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MES-DEA info

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Hi forum,
can anybody provide technical documentation regarding Citroen Venturi,

Especially technical details of the MES-DEA 3.2 kW charger BC-278-Z-3A-EF.

CAN message details to the BMI and to the display module would also be very welcome.

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I am also interested in this charger.

Are you sure that it has a can bus? I think it is only coltrolled by PWM.

A pinout of the "signal connector" would be fine.

I have attached a datasheet I found on the internet.

I am also unsure if the charger will fit for my car. I have a 72 cell lipo pack.
So I have a voltage range between 208V and 290V. The charger is rated 240V to 325V. So what will happend if my battery discharges below 240V?


Ah, cool thanks.

I want to replace with it my broken Zivan NG9 charger.

The BMS is controlling the Zivan Charger via PWM, so here it should be fine as it will track the battery voltages and can reduce the charging by PWM when the batteries get full.

Are you sure that the MES-DEA Charger needs a 12V supply? It does not make any sense to me.

The Zivan charger had 2 additional AUX relais contacts:

AUX1 - "Mains Presence" - when the car is connected to power the contact gets closes. Then the BMS activates the battery pack and connects the High Voltage lines. It then also blocks the car from driving.
AUX2 - "End of charge or Trickle Phase" - When the Stop Phase is reached, the contact closes. I am not sure what this was used for as the BMS known on its own the charge state of the batteries and also monitors the current in and out. How ever this contact was connected.

So I need at least to get "Mains Presence" working with the MES-DEA.

Also where have you got the connectors for the MES DEA from? I can not find the MAIN CONNECTOR (amphenol 5440 MDA203F 3x25A) anywhere. So I think that I will have to replace it with a different one.
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Thanks for your replies.

I have recived my charger today. Is is an BC-278-Z-3-A and not a BC-278-Z-3A-EF charger.
It has the same tech specs but has different connectors. The Mains connector is an 4-PIN CA3GS and a D-SUB 9 connector is used for the logic.

So far I have figured out:

PIN 1 - +12V supply (brown cable to lower PCB)
PIN 5 - GND supply (white cable to lower PCB)
PIN 3 - GND PWM (Green cable to top PCB)
PIN 8 - +12V PWM (Blue cable to top PCB)

Ok, accoring to the PCB the Green Cable is connected to Ground of HEF4016BT. So this one should be GND and the Blue one PWM+.

Can someone confirm this?

Thanks, Artem


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I have got the charger to charge now using a PWM signal from a arduino :)

However I can't get it running using the PWM signal from the Lithium Balance A/S s-BMS. The BMS provides a 1kHz PWM signal - so I think that this is the issue. The 500 Hz signal from the arduino seems to be ok...

Where have you got the info that the PWM signal has to be 305Hz from?

Thanks, Artem
I have got the technical datasheet for the charger now.

The 12V of the charger is not an input - it's an output: 0,5A max to power a relais or something else in order to turn on the BMS. It provides 12V as soon as the AC mains is connected.

Here are the PWM details:

PWM Power control signal: Active high control signal with PWM
PWM signal frequency: 305Hz
PWM signal voltage range:8-30 Vpp
PWM signal modulation: 0% PWM Power OFF - 10% PWM Power MIN 32W - 90% PWM Power MAX, 3200W at 230V input
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