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MES-DEA info

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Hi forum,
can anybody provide technical documentation regarding Citroen Venturi,

Especially technical details of the MES-DEA 3.2 kW charger BC-278-Z-3A-EF.

CAN message details to the BMI and to the display module would also be very welcome.

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Hi DerArtem,

Thank you for the generic datasheet.

This charger is not CAN controlled.

I could make it work on my bench by reverse engineering the connectors, see images attached.
Unknown is the rated PWM frequency, so a technical datasheet would be appreciated. I used a few kHz for testing.
Somewhere I found a note this charger works at PWM 5%..95%, else it shuts off.

I expect the charger works as a current source, so it will provide charging current based on PWM dutycycle as long as the output keeps in the 240V to 325V dc range.
Most likely you need to monitor the batterypack's state of charge and it's temperature by yourself.

Normally it is not a problem when the (Lipo) cells are discharged below a terminal voltage of 240V, the charger attempts to force current into the cells at lifting the terminals to 240V minimum.
However, the cells must be able to withstand charging at 240V minimum, when the charging current at this terminal voltage exceeds 26A max the charger will shut off.



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The Zivan NG9 charger seems a fully autonomous charger. AUX1 to inform the BMS to close the switches between the charger and the HV battery. AUX2 to signal the charging process is ready.

The BC-278 is not an autonomous charger. Besides overvoltage and over current protection it is not intelligent, it tries to put current in the batteries based on the PWM input as long as the terminal voltage keeps in the min and max range.
Therefore the BMS must be able to monitor all important battery parameters (temp, SOC etc.) and stop PWM when required.

The existing AUX1 signal to your BMS can be realized by an external relais in parallel to the 220V AC supply of the BC-278. It seems to me you do not need AUX2 as the BC-278 follows the PWM out of the BMI.

I found the BC-278 connectors at Bart Ebben, specialist in Citroën Peugeot & used parts

They have a lot of Citroën Berlingo Venturi parts.



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Regarding the 12V supply to the BC-278 charger: this is required for the control logic part. The 220V mains is used for the power section that is isolated from the logic.

Hi DerArtem,

can you share the technical datasheet of the charger?

Thank you
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