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MES-DEA info

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Hi forum,
can anybody provide technical documentation regarding Citroen Venturi,

Especially technical details of the MES-DEA 3.2 kW charger BC-278-Z-3A-EF.

CAN message details to the BMI and to the display module would also be very welcome.

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I have got the technical datasheet for the charger now.

The 12V of the charger is not an input - it's an output: 0,5A max to power a relais or something else in order to turn on the BMS. It provides 12V as soon as the AC mains is connected.

Here are the PWM details:

PWM Power control signal: Active high control signal with PWM
PWM signal frequency: 305Hz
PWM signal voltage range:8-30 Vpp
PWM signal modulation: 0% PWM Power OFF - 10% PWM Power MIN 32W - 90% PWM Power MAX, 3200W at 230V input
Hi can you give me the technical datasheet of the charger?

hier ist my email : [email protected]

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!

Rustam, from Cologne (Germany)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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