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The car

So this is a project I have had in the back of my mind for a year or so now. I am currently doing a Yamaha Big Bear 350 quad bike conversion to a 4KW motor. The plan was to do a couple more quad bikes and then move on to the MG F when I had more money.

However earlier this year I picked up this MG on Ebay which went for far less than I imagined. It had a suspected HGF, was failing the MOT on emissions and needed a new clutched very soon. The perfect candidate for conversion.
I expected to keep this in the shed for a year or so while I did the quad bikes. In my mind I was planning on using the Siemens AC motor that I have seen in allot of other conversions as the Tesla powertrain is out of my budget.

But things changed yesterday when I went to Fully Charged Live in the UK. I first saw the Indra MG-TF test bed vehicle with a leaf powertrain. I then got talking to another stall holder near Damien Maguire and his Panzer BMW EV. I am afraid I forgot the name of this person but he did mention to me that Leaf motors had become very easy to find, and that they could be picked up for hundreds of Euros, not thousands.

Well the theoretical budget for this project just went through the floor and that means I can now start to think about doing it sooner rather than later.

The current plan is to use a Leaf powertrain. I am looking to get comparable performance to the original 1.6 engine, maybe a little more but nothing silly.
Range wise I am flexible on, at least 50 miles but ideally allot more, this will probably be the part of the project that I save money on initially and then keep space designated to add more cells in the future.

I might not update this too soon, I need to finish the Big Bear first and start trying to source a Leaf powertrain. Just wanted to post this here to help gather ideas and maybe find where these cheap Leaf motors can be acquired.