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I bought this car by accident last year when an Ebay auction ended very low. I ended up just changing the head gasket and having some fun instead as I was still half way through my last EV project.

Well the Quad bike is pretty much complete, and the clutch on this thing started slipping last week. So I think it is telling me it doesn't want that ICE anymore.

I was originally planning to do a Leaf transplant, but allot has changed in the last year.

The current plan is to use a Prius gen 2 inverter, controlled by an open inverter controller. This will handle the inverting, dc-dc and potentially charging by the time I get this installed.
The motor will be an Outlander Phev rear differential. It's around 60kw output so a bit less than the original motor on paper. But these OEM motors have so far been over engineered so we will see what the eventual power potential is.
For batteries I am hoping to obtain several BMW hybrid packs in the near future. So one or more of these will find it's way into this car. Controlled by SIMP BMS through the original BMS wiring.

I'll figure out auxiliaries things at a later date. It already has electric power steering, so it's mostly just cabin heat.

Range wise if it can do 30 miles that's 90% of my driving. I'll stick in one or two BMW packs and see what I get.

I currently have the inverter, inverter control board and motor. Going to start some initial bench testing in the coming weeks. Once I get some shed space I can remove the engine and gearbox and start to design some motor mounts/figure out where everything will go.


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