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- depends on your controller,
Your controller will effectively reduce the battery voltage to what is needed by the motor

I have an OpenRevolt controller so I am limited to 150v
My motor is out of a 48v forklift - I expect to operate at higher voltage and rpm than the forklift so I have advanced the brushes

The forks and column of the old forklift are quite sale-able - farmers here bolt them to the back of their tractors - hey presto a farm forklift!
thanks for information. Wife wanted it out of the back yard so after salvage of battery and metal I've nearly returned 3/4 fo the intial 1500.00 I've been reading through all the materials I can on the blog--Cannot find how to advance the brushes nor do I find a layout of what connects to what on the elcetrics. thanks madhatter & Duncan for answers thus far---I'm sure I'll have a few thousand more questions even after reading through the blogs.

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