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MGB Roadster conversion

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I'm now planning for my next Conversion, which is going to be a 1979 MGB Roadster. This is a rear wheel drive.

I wanted this to be a fast and high performance drive. I just bought a Remy HVH250. I'm close to getting a rinehart pm100dz. I'm planning to run it close to 500V.

I need your guidance on the reduction ratio for this setup. MG diff is 3.9:1. I read up few threads about 2 speed Powerglide trannies and I don't think it is a good idea to go for Powerglide tranny, as its final ratio is 1:1. I don't want to spend too much money on tranny/reduction

Miz, RobA, Duncan, and all other experts, please share your thoughts
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Wow, this will be fascinating! Good luck!

I know nothing other than what I've read here, but I have heard lots of rattling here about serious trouble with permanent magnet motors, heat being the big issue (for reasons that seem obvious to me). How is the Remy motor cooled?
Fascinating read about this on the motor forum- never seen these Remy motors before now. Appears that the highest output ones use active (forced) oil cooling, including flow between the rotor and stator if my brief scan of the thing was correct. Apparently they sell motors that are designed for 50% water/ethylene glycol (WEG) cooling which have sealed bearings, and oil lubricated + oil cooled units which give 40% higher heat dissipation performance because of the vastly greater surface area of cooling surfaces available when nonconductive oil is used as the coolant.

Which cooling system is your motor designed for? If it's one of the cartridge units and it's oil cooled, there's a whole lot of work required to integrate this into a housing, as the oil drains out of holes in the end of the motor cartridge...
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Beware- the motor may be happy to go 10,000 rpm long term, but your diff might not like that for long...bearings are usually designed for a range of surface speeds, and 10k RPM probably is well outside that range- ok for short bursts but not for steady highway trips. A custom gearbox might be ok with that.
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