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Michael Turko, San Diego Consumer Watchdog

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So I go to title the car in California.
The car has 6700 miles on it exactly.

That's less than 7500, so in California, that means it's considered a new car, even though it's 18 years old.

New cars sold in or brought to California have to have a sticker on the door that says they are Federal emissions compliant, and state emissions compliant.

Which has to come from the manufacturer.

Now, an emissions sticker is different from a smog certificate, which an electric car explicitly is exempt from.

So my zero-emission vehicle is not California emissions compliant, so I cannot title it in California.

So I'm thinking I might have to take it to Nevada to title it.

Just for the heck of it, I call the local TV consumer watchdog.
His name is Michael Turko.
To my surprise, today he calls me back.

He wants to come out Monday at 3:30 and do a story on the car and my titling problems! LOL...
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Awesome. Just bringing press to the issue is good.

"It Ain't Right!"

Do keep us posted.
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