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MiMod® was created to solve several needs for the EV industry. One of EV Instruments’ founders was building his EV project and found that there was nothing available on the market that could monitor the batteries at an individual level and provide detailed battery information from both a charging and discharging perspective. Additionally, he wanted to be able to monitor the EV motor’s RPMs, speed, battery box temperature and other performance parameters. During development, he found that the system, through a console-mounted touch screen, could also allow a driver to control devices and accessories in the EV including headlights, turn signals, door poppers and open/close the trunk. He also made the MiMod system modular and flexible enough to meet the needs of other EV builders and engineers. Today MiMod® is being used in a variety of production applications for EV OEMs as well as working with individuals building their own EV conversion project.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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