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Yes that's right, but I want a more Hydraulic system with lift, tilt and steering...
All of those things can be done with electric linear actuators, but yes, you can do them hydraulically if you want a more conventional machine.

... so I need Pressure all the time like on a Diesel tractor. I think that will be a separate el. motor/pump and valves for that. Not interfere with the wheel motors.
Yes, a hydraulic pump would be run by a separate motor from the motors that drive the wheels - that's what an electric hydraulic pump (sometimes called a "power pack") means, and they are commercially available (you don't need to custom-assemble one from a controller and motor and pump).

A conventional electric forklift uses one or more motors to drive the wheels, and a separate motor to run the hydraulic pump.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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