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Modifying a Toyota 25V electric power steering motor

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I have a 25V Toyota electric steering motor, which I took off from a Pontiac Vibe 2008.

I intend to modify it to run a hydraulic power steering pump(got from a Ford expedition 2006), which i want to used as a waste engine oil transfer device.

Here is my question:
1. Is it possible to bench test the electric motor, without using the EPS ECU, by me applying a power source to the negative or positive terminal?
I have tried applying a 25V voltage source to the positive and negative terminals, and each time i do that, i get to see sparks.
Is there a way i can bench test the motor and see if it could run the hydraulic power steering pump?

Thanks for your helps.

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Yes get a basic ebike 3 phase controller with a learning mode. hook it up to the three phase wires on the motor
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