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Moenergy motor?

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This motor seems like a me0709. It came off a Tennant B7 floor burnisher. I'm trying to test it but I can't make it spin. I've tried connecting the 2 small white wires with voltage on the big terminals with no luck. Can anyone help?


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Well now I feel silly. My old jumper cables are apparently broken somewhere in there. I used a different set of cables and sparks flew and the shaft spun like a champ.
Sorry I washed your time.
Now to the spec label.
It says 24-72v and 104 amps continuous duty. Do you think it will pull more current in bursts? I wonder because it says 8.8hp (max) which is about 72v at 104 amps. I'm trying to figure out which controller would work well but I dont want to spend more than necessary for an overkill controller. It's for a little tractor conversion.
Regarding pulling more current:
You can always put more current through a stalled motor, but you will burn it up. Max current is limited by the heat build up. This is why there are higher current ratings 'for 30 seconds' or the like.
Pay attention to cooling airflow where the motor is mounted. It has to be able to get rid of the considerable heat it will generate.
The max continuous current rating is determined by the heat, and how fast it can get rid of the heat, not the wires or brushes.

In the words from the Book of Wisdom, citation needed.
As you requested:
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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