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The WiFi Hotspots lets you monitor a Lithiumate Lite or Pro BMS through any WiFi enabled device, such as any brand of smartphone, tablet computer, laptop computer.

The first batch of Lithiumate WiFi Hotspots was sold out in just a couple of weeks (!). We are now completing a new, larger batch, with more features, suggested by users and potential users like you (thank you!):

  • Data capture (to save a log and open later in a spreadsheet)
  • Peak hold (so you don't have to look at your phone as you're driving).
  • Trip meter (how many Wh a trip took).
  • Plotting
  • Ammeter can be converted to a power meter
Sample screens:




Data capture:

You can order a Lithiumate WiFi Hotspot directly from a reseller or directly from Elithion.
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