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More Carmakers Turn to Laptop Batteries to Cut Electric Car Costs

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Toyota Motor Corp., Daimler AG and Bayerische Motoren Werke AG are testing Tesla Motors assembled packs.

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I know some on here have and are making packs out of these things and I wondered why. Guess that's the answer, about 1/4th the cost per KWH!

I think the battery the Tesla uses is the 2.9ah Panasonic 18650. I wonder if a local battery company can build a pack for you to your specs?

I did some quick math and for a 148V pack, one would need 60 strings of 40 batteries of 3.7V, 2.9ah to yield a pack of 25.75 kw at 174ah. That would be 2400 batteries. I looked online for pricing on the Panasonic 18650 cells and the lowest price I saw was $7.22 each with just a quick search. There must be another distributor that sells them much cheaper because at that price they would be even more than large batteries. At $7.22 each, that would be $17,328 plus freight and tax! Hardly a bargain at that price plus they have to be made into a pack.

Here's a link for the ones I found.

Also found that Panasonic is now packing over 4ah in the same 18650 package!
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