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Most Efficient Motor

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I am curious if any one knows of any electric motor someone can buy that is more efficient?


CSIRO Motor ~98% Efficiency

which is compatible with:
Wavesculptor20 Controller ~99% Efficiency.

( ~97% Combined Efficiency )

I understand the top end of efficiency like any top end of performance comes at a price premium ... so it is understood from the beginning to be expensive beyond being practical ... I was just curious if anyone knows of better.

I also understand that efficiency is not a set thing and does change based on a variety of factors , RPM , Voltage, Current, Load, Temperature, etc... But even looking at some of the documents for these two ... it still looks like the combination would be hard to beat for efficiency... even as a net over all operating efficiency.

And although expensive , they are commercially available to buy right now today ... I have little doubt there are some hypothetical motors and controller that could be better ... but I was more curious about if there is anything actually available that is more efficient??

If you are aware of something better ( more efficient ) ... please post ... thanks.
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How many times more efficient is DC electric motor if operated on outer space and moon compared to same DC electric motor operating on earth?The moon has 6 times less gravity, compared to earth. Space is gravity-less. Gravity is the mother of friction.
is this a serious question?

the losses in a electric motor have nothing to do with friction...

the friction is just in the bearings and it is VERY low...
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