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This is a well build adapter for the 79 Alfa Romeo Spider manual transmission. Im not sure what other Alfa vehicles use the transmission or has the same mounting. The adapter has two main pieces to mount the motor to the transmission and the flywheel coupler. The coupler is a very good quality taper lock system that will securely hold the motor shaft like an interference fit coupler. This taper lock is a good quality one that is not a fiddly one to deal with. The mounting holes are for all the Series DC Warp and all the HPEVS AC-35 and up and also includes the new HV 9" and 11" Kostov motors. This will also accommodate the new Netgain AC motor as well. You have plenty of motors to choose from to mount to your project. This is up for sale for BEST OFFER. Im not going to use it and know that maybe not many others will be wanting one so shoot me your best offer. If you want it shipped the buyer will be fully responsible to acquire the shipping company and to arrange a pickup that will work for me. I'll put it all on a pallet and strap it and shrink wrap it so its ready for shipping. If you are local and want come pick it up you may. Local pick up is preferred but not required. Buyer pays shipping. I will try to weigh the parts and give you a weight. Here is a video of the adapter. Post messages and questions as PM's please.

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