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The spec of the controller I looking for

I'm designed to build a electric Drift car(see here:, & I'm looking for its power unit

Warp 9 with Zilla 1K HV is the best choice on performance, but as I'm in China, Kelly control is much more easier to have, & I can have the service & warranty of the factory

the weak point of kelly is only 144V input for max, which Zilla can make more then 300V

but kelly still can make more then 1000A for 1 min peak

my target power is 300 hp peak power with around 1.5min, I'm designed to use the most powerful version that is 1500A & 120V / 144V, or lower power version with twin motor

as there is no motor suggestion from kelly, would I have any suggestion about that plz?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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