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Motor Controller for TW4XP Available from LTi

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I could not find the specs for the controller that powered the TW4XP from Germany. The TW came to US to participate in the Progressive X Prize. Youtube had good vids of the TW`s construction and first drive.

I wrote to Volker Kuhoff of LT-i and inquired if the drive for that trike was available, and what the specs for the controller are. You can see the specs on the site. He included a price.

My needs were for a controller that could control my PM Synchronous Oswald, which will max out at 170 amps.

LTi controllers might interest someone who wants a very high mileage range drive for their ac motor.

My adventure starts next week when an Eaton Culter Hamer DC input industrial drive comes to my door, purchased from ebay. It is liquid cooled like the Oswald Motor, is rated at 240kW, has variable speed drive, operates on 380-500 volts DC (does not have a converter front end), and specs. 385 amps. The weight for this unit is #121. My vehicle will be a utility van, with an enclosed `box`, with some room to place stuff.

I am now studying zero oxygen copper wires, and the European `desina` wire standards. The original terminal ends for the wire are T & B Air 2, Navy, 60 -75, AWG 1-2. These ends have a viewing port to look at the results of the crimp job that will be done, by a proper crimper (looking to rent).

The consolidating 3 phase cable is shielded. And I need to do a batch of homework to get all the details right, for this looks like a one time chance on this project at my age.

I know that I am getting varnished boards in the Eaton VSD, but there is no installed regeneration brake system. I will be asking for advice soon.

Everything IS a big deal. Morf:rolleyes:
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Have you contacted TW4XP ask for Bernt he is their electrical engineer and knows everything about their vehicles. If you have a simple question I will try to help you. The EMI requirements in Europe require everything to be shielded they mounted all of there electronics in an aluminum box Raceabout did as well. The Twike had a 700V pack they were also able to charge through their inverter, they are wanting to ingerate electric vehicles into the power grid. This may encourage utilities to subsadize EV battery packs. The members of TW4XP are very good people.
Morf, Sorry to hear your other messages were not posted due to a time out. Have fun with your new drive. We went with the MES DEA TIM600 in our car and have happy with its performance even if it is a bit difficult to understand the manual. I think the inverter TW4XP used was originally designed to control the pitch of wind turbine blades. They may have gone that way because of their desire to have a grid tied car and it was a unit already certified for power generation industry, just a guess though
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