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Hi All,

I am new to the forum and would like to ask a question that has been probably asked numerous times.
When I search the forum I get a bit lost searching for the answer..

Basically I have 3 general questions:
1-What is the main build difference in an industrial motor and an EV motor? are the winding different? are the rotors different? or is there any 1 characteristic that EV motors have and industrial motors dont? (P.S. I am referring to AC induction motor)
2-How can a 200kw EV motor be so small and a 200kw industrial motor be larger than the car? I understand the industrial motor is designed to run at 200kw under constant load and the EV motor is only peak for a few seconds at 200kw but is that the only reason it can be way smaller?
3- In theory what would happen the 200kw EV motor if we kept it under full load for a long duration like an industrial motor ? example pulling a trailer that was way too heavy for the car? Would it overheat? If so is it in theory not even close to a constant 200kw motor?

Sorry for the annoying questions but I just cant find enough details on it online. Only many companies willing to sell me the whole package and keep it a secret.
I am just finished a degree in Mechatronic Engineering and currently build high power gasoline track cars in my spare time. I want to try build a crazy fast electric car now. The electronic controls and wiring is simple enough to me but I just wanted to have a greater understanding of motor design before I jump into it.

Thanks for the help
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