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I am using a used Hyundai AC Induction motor (attached image). Unfortunately its Nameplate (sticker is 90% not present).

I got my encoder wiring related answers on page number 9 of attached PDF and from attached "Curtis 1236" image (but still need your confirmation).

Encoder Wiring:
Pin7 = Black & Orange Wires
Pin8 = Blue Wire
Pin32 = Green Wire
Pin26 = Red Wire
Pin31 = White Wire

Hi tall,

Notice how many times I've referenced "properly tuned" and even mentioned sending the motor to the controller vendor for characterization and tuning. Still goes.

Thanks for the diagram and manual link. I've not seen those versions before. Apparently Thunderstruck and/or Curtis has developed software for these controllers which is compatible with PMSM. That's new to me.

The diagram shows a motor # ME1507 which is a PMSM from Montenergy having a sin/cos feedback device instead of the usual pulse generator found on ACIM. I assume the motor you want to use is that which we identified as an ACIM. As such, the controller needs to be tuned to it. The technician doing this should be able to determine encoder requirements, pinouts and ppr. Contact your Curtis vendor.



ps. edit. The AmpSeal 35 pin plug used in the controller is a real mofo. Contact pin (actually sockets) integrity is critical. The proper tool and dies cost like $300. I'd negotiate hiring the vendor to do this when he tunes it for you.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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