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Buildspecs: Max speed: 45 km/h, Range: 15minutes (max power) to 1 hour(chill)

I have 2 motors. 1 hubmotor and 1 regular. Plan is to learn conversion on a moped before doing MC, then a car.
The idea is to get the best of both worlds: a powerful frame-mounted motor that can deliver on acceleration (through transmission) and can be cooled easily, in addition to a hubmotor that can do regen breaking with cheap controller and takes less power to maintain speed.
First just controlling the primary motor, if its even useful. Seems powerful but dont really know when in a vehicle and running on batteries.

First: Can anyone tell if this motor is suitable?
2,5kW, 240V ATB brushless inductionmotor from a woodchipper
TB 546424 BSRBF 0,75 2-C85 Single phase, CB:25uF 240V 11,4A, P1=2,5kW, S6-40% 2800 rpm.
Second motor: Any point at all bothering with it, apart from learning how to make 2 motors work in a vehicle?
350W, 60V hubmotor from a pretty powerful electric unicycle

Vehicle: Baotian 50CC. First vehicle to install stuff on. This will be a testbench. Doesnt have to be road legal. Just a regular scootermoped. 15 minutes range is plenty. Even 5 minutes will do for the first few tests.

Second vehicle:Suzuki Savage Motorcycle, 160kg, cruiser. This has brakes and framestrength enough to make it safe for more batteries so its actually useful.

Eventually this can amount to skills used to convert a car =)
Any input? Help much appreciated =)
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