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Motor in

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Bought most of the bits for the conversion in December 2010. They shipped in and I took delivery in May 2011.

July 2012: Embarrassing mess. Wasted $$ in battery connectors made of tinned steel and copper mesh. Good lesson: make sure I post online any questions at least a week before I have to make a decision.

Eventually bought good ones and a vacuum pump for the brakes from

The good ones cost 25% of what I paid for the bad ones.

8 Oct 2012: AC55 motor is in. Its resting on a chassis crosspiece, still needs to get welded to the motor mounts. The flywheel has been lightened by shaving off the outside, its around an 30mm smaller in diameter and around 1.5kg lighter. I didn't do anything to the vertical face because the machine they were using wasn't up to it. Also don't want to lose any strength on the clutch since the new motor has more torque.

18 Oct: I had a chain and sprocket fixed to the motor hub, to come out of the adapter plate and drive a shaft so I could use the traction motor to drive aircon and power steering. Lubrication, chain durability and too-low rpms are issues. Have to change the clutch friction plate anyway so I'll take off the chain when the clutch is being changed.

I'll try to get it running and do the aircon and power steering later. I want to test it on the driveway first. Already got the 12v brake pump, should be enough for a 20 meter trip.