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Motor standardization

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I'm toying with the idea of designing an electric motorcycle and open-sourcing the plans. The goal would be to use only simple hand tools and pick components that will most likely still be manufactured in 5-10 years. The two subsystems I'm most worried about in that regard are the batteries and the motor. I know that if I use a 1kOhm 1/4W axial resistor, there'll be at least 4-5 companies making essentially identical resistors in 10 years. But I don't know if there's any such guarantee for motors and batteries. Focusing on motors for now, are there either any industry standard motor patterns (including size, shape, mounting) which have been followed for years and will continue to stick around, or companies who have been making and will likely continue to make the same motor for a similar time period?

Specifically, let's focus on motors in the 4-10kW range.
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The only motor standards that I'm aware of are the NEMA standards for industrial motors. There are some VDA standards for EV battery modules, but they are not widely used and it's likely that none of the sizes would be suitable for a motorcycle.

I understand the reasoning for wanting standardization, but it's unlikely to work out.
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