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Motor suggestion for Small Tractor

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Hello Hyper-Intelligent EV Enthusiasts!

So I've decided to convert the old tractor (1969 Wheel Horse Charger 10 hp) to electric. I'm thinking to leave the Hydrostatic drive train in place. It doesn't need to go fast but ought to be able to drive about a mile or two without running out of juice. This (like all things) is on a budget so I've whittled my search down to two very different DC motors:

A used 48v golf cart motor:

A new 48v go cart motor with controller:

The Amazon one really, REALLY interests me because it comes with a controller and throttle...and it's cheap. But I feel like it'll be low power, low quality. Of course with the appropriate gearing anything can go forward and backward...


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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