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Hi All,

I'm sure there was a forum section for sales, but I can't find it, not I can reach the root directory of the forum! Can the moderators move, if inappropriate, please?

So, I have a few motors available from when I designed my electric car conversion. One is a 415V 4KW and the other is a rather special 12 wire motor that can be wired in a number of voltages from 100 to 700V.

Here are the eBay links:
4.4KW motor
5.5KW motor (12 Wire)

I also have a variable auto transformer, rated at 30A - which is great to test mains powered rectifiers for a high power charger or inverter.

These things are very, very heavy so I'm afraid I can only offer collection (no postage) around Sheffield in the United Kingdom - But I'm sure these would be a great find for some enthusiast looking to play around with these motors. Sadly I no longer have the time or space to do it myself and with a child on the way my office will need a downgrade :/

Happy to answer any questions!
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