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Walser Nissan Wayzata is is selling very low mileage "used" 2019 LEAF SL Plus models.

$31-33K (original MSRP $43-44k)

Mileage between 38 and 6800 miles.

PLUS they were corperate "fleet" vehicles or something so THEY STILL QUALIFY for the $7500 tax credit!

So you can get a 12-18 month old vehicle for net $23,500-25,500.

Putting my money where my mouth is, I drove 225+ miles each way to buy one today.

Caveat: They are all white.

Sue C
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Let us know when they're $8k out the door.

The crew here on this forum are vultures that thrive on the organs of Nissan Leaf carcasses

As far as where your mouth was, let's not go there given you spammed a car builder forum with your free dealer ad 馃槀

You could buy a NEW Chevy Bolt for the same money, btw.
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