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MR2 Gen3 Power Steering Help

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Hi All! I'm converting the power steering on my autocross car to EHPS using an MR2 Spyder pump. I found lots of useful information in this community, thanks!
I have it all wired up and plumbed, but when I went to start it, it wouldn't run. I have it wired per this diagram, except VSS is open. From what I read, the VSS is optional. I've already checked and double checked my wiring. I have 12 Volts to all the required pins with the switch on and my relay is working.
It's an eBay pump, so I suppose it could be bad. I just wanted to double check on the need to connect to the VSS.
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Did you ever get this sorted? Having the same issue, my relay kicks, internal pump relay kicks, pump kicks the power relay, no spinny. New and old pump did this, I suspect a large resistance from a connection on the power wire. Will try direct from battery instead of through relay or a different relay.
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