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Mtd mower conversion

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Decided to tackle a mower coversion because why not.

Plan to use for mowing my 1/2 acre lot and more importantly to mount a snow blower for my 200 ft driveway.
Platform is a 38" MTD variable belt drive unfortunately she was missing some idles etç which added time and cost. Would definitely start with a more complete unit if i were to do it again.

Batteries are 3×12V 90AH deep cycle.
Going to start with 36v but will build with a potential 48v upgrade in mind.

Motor is a DC 36V from a raymond forklift the 9T spline connection eended up more of a pain than I ecpected. I also had to reverse the direction which wasnt ideal ( brushes facing the wrong way) and was a learning experience.

Tuened the brush housing 90 degrees.- please lord someone tell me if that was the wrong thing to do. The negative lead off the brushes wasnt long enough so I used an external jumper.would like a more elegant solution though at some point but its not rubbing and nothin gets any hotter then the motor body itself under load.

Batteries at 35.6 at the end of the first mow. I might agjust the throttlenposition to make the max about 80% since the mower deck is turning a little too fast and I ws driving in 1st gear to keep it slow enough.


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