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Multiple motor EV DIY???

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I read about EVs with multiple motors, typically one over each wheel. Does anyone know of any DIY sources for these kind of builds??

I'm ultimately thinking of converting a bus to completely electric. This is the reason for my enquiry.

Any general feedback on this matter is appreciated, although please try and keep it posative...
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At first glance hub motors seem like a really great idea. However the ones that are out there generally are only suitable for very light vehicles like motorcycles and 3 wheelers. Prototypes have been built for larger vehicles (full sized cars) but I am not aware of any available to retail buyers. And anyhow, they would not be big enough (not even 4 or 6 of them) to power a bus.

Your best bet if you want a fully electric bus is to use an electric trolley motor / gearbox. You will need a couple of tons (literally) of lithium to get any real range.

Good luck.
The current major issue with Hub / in-wheel motors as you try to scale up , is increase cost ... cost of the motor itself ... but also increase cost of needed suspension system upgrades to deal with unsprung weight.

But yes ... if you got money to burn ... you can buy in-wheel motors even for full sized buses... one example is here ~83kw peak each wheel is plenty even for large vehicles like buses.

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Or you could put the motors out of the wheel ... as a more common vehicle motor mounting design ... there are other options for 4-wheel drive from a single central vehicle motor that may not be easily ... are likely to cost you less $ in the end.

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best of luck.
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e-Traction in the Netherlands makes hub motors for buses but I doubt they will sell to individuals.

Speaking of buses, the Proterra electric bus uses a UQM motor that is perhaps more attainable but typically over $30,000 for just one.

If you have a modest budget, your two motor idea might be the way to go. Others will have to tell you how to implement it though. There are several ways.
Way out in left field, have a look at a D78 traction motor from an SD40 or later locomotives. Only $20,000. :D:cool:

You might need some better fabrication skills than me, though
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