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Mustang electric power steering

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Hello everyone,

New here and unfortunately the website won't let me direct message a particular member so I'm trying my luck with a public post instead.

I am currently in the process of converting a 2014 mustang electric power steering rack to use on a JZ swapped drift car. After a quick google search it looks like one of your member Roadstercycle was able to make the pump turn on via can bus but he unfortunately didn't give much info on how he did it.

Like I said I tried contacting him but since I'm new it won't let me direct message a member (totally understandable.)

I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with Ford electric power steering pumps/racks and might give me a pointer as to what CanBus PIDs to look for and what the pump needs to turn on.

I'm guessing the speed of the pump is dependent on the speed of the car. I am familiar with CanHacker and have a setup ready to send canbus packets.

The original post is here: Ford electric power steering Can bus inputs

Any help is appreciated
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts