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Crazy! But I love it!:D
That single spring at the rear is just so :eek: but also so right!:D
Electro-punk springs to mind.;)

Is the motor unsprung, fixed to the swing arm?

I would have been tempted to put the motor low down at the front and run a shaft to the diff. The two batteries there could go where the motor was (but on the frame not the swing arm) and eventually be replaced by lighter weight lithiums.
Thanks! Electro-punk, I like it! :)

The spring was just what I had laying in the garage (came off of my jeep).

Yes, the motor is attached direct to the swing arm. My original plan was to use the drive shaft just as you described but the bearing shaft of the swing arm just kept getting in the way so I just worked around it.

Unfortunately I won't be doing anything on it again till almost July. I was hoping to install my controller installed but it has been delayed and it won't arrive until I am out of town. But when I get back I hope to get the current flowing.
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