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My Curtis-Albright SW-200 failed

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Damn bugs anyway. The ants used to kill my contacts on my well pump switch. The moth is a sure killer. Now we gotta worry about moth proofing the darn things :(

Pete :(

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Well our worry up here has been mice and squirrels and snakes (when they shed skin up in the motor housing... or the mice eat the rubber on wiring or squirrels stash their goodies in housings or on batteries...
but that is something I hadn't considered!!!
heeee heeeeeeee~ (my nom-d'plume is from the old addage about the computer and the 'bug' that originally framed the term... computer 'bug')
glad I checked this thread... I have been finding moths this year in the strangest places..!
may your future days be 'moth-less'!
- fugdabug.:p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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