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My electric car that I DIDN'T build. Video plus some details.

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"1927" Ford Track T Roadster in Austin Texas

Video (created and posted by someone that I met while on a short test drive):

This is a handbuilt car using a mix of custom made stuff, aftermarket bits (Speedway/Flaming River, etc.), and a VW Beetle transaxle and four speed manual transmission without a clutch. This car was built in a very similar fashion to how people commonly completed VW Beetle EV conversions several years ago. It utilizes a 120 volt system (10+1 12v deep cycle batteries, Curtis controller, ~90 HP series wound DC motor by D&D.) It charges in a few hours via a common three-prong 120v AC extension cord. Nothing too fancy. It has all electric gauges. The top speed is supposedly around 60 MPH. I've only driven it up to a speed of a bit past 50 MPH. The range is supposedly between 60 and 100 miles. I've not driven it past 30 miles yet. It has disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the back.

Anyway, the above is just for your enjoyment. I'll be glad to try and answer questions, but I may very well not know the answers to your questions. You're welcome to ask though. Thanks! :)
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Attached are some still images.


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