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My Employer says "Leave your ev at home or you go home!"

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I drove my '72 super beetle to work last week for the first time and with the encouragement of my supervisor plugged it in to an outdoor outlet to recharge. I also parked in a ride share spot to better access the power outlet.

Well, I have been given a letter saying "bring it again and we send you home" saying they feel the car is unsafe, but they don't say why. It is a 72 volt system with 12 golf cart batteries. Not rocket science but they act like it's a bomb waiting to go off. My supervisor now says he never encouraged me to do anything... to my suprise.

Anyone one else ever have this problem? Oh, I work for a government agency that is supposed to be green! :cool:
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I don't know how they can dictate what form of transportation you use on YOUR time to get to work.
If the vehicle has passed inspection I don't understand the logic.
I agree with voltswagon, it is a rock and a hard place.
But I would inquire as to why they sent the letter, perhaps they just need to understand the EV a little more..
Are they banning prius as well?
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