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My Employer says "Leave your ev at home or you go home!"

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I drove my '72 super beetle to work last week for the first time and with the encouragement of my supervisor plugged it in to an outdoor outlet to recharge. I also parked in a ride share spot to better access the power outlet.

Well, I have been given a letter saying "bring it again and we send you home" saying they feel the car is unsafe, but they don't say why. It is a 72 volt system with 12 golf cart batteries. Not rocket science but they act like it's a bomb waiting to go off. My supervisor now says he never encouraged me to do anything... to my suprise.

Anyone one else ever have this problem? Oh, I work for a government agency that is supposed to be green! :cool:
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Of the six of us, that worked in a Ford dealership, 5 drove Chevys.

The boss didn't like it, but nobody was threatened with job loss.

They probably need more education, but it will be hard for you to do now that they have put down a line to cross.

Is there a neutral parking area close by?
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