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My Employer says "Leave your ev at home or you go home!"

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I drove my '72 super beetle to work last week for the first time and with the encouragement of my supervisor plugged it in to an outdoor outlet to recharge. I also parked in a ride share spot to better access the power outlet.

Well, I have been given a letter saying "bring it again and we send you home" saying they feel the car is unsafe, but they don't say why. It is a 72 volt system with 12 golf cart batteries. Not rocket science but they act like it's a bomb waiting to go off. My supervisor now says he never encouraged me to do anything... to my suprise.

Anyone one else ever have this problem? Oh, I work for a government agency that is supposed to be green! :cool:
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If you have the range to make it there and back, you could simply take it anyway and park in available, legal public parking near the building. If any one asks, you can tell them

a) I walked
b) I got dropped off
c) I took public transit
d) bugger off, I didn't park anything in your garage this morning so it's none of your business.

I like D but you might want to more gently word it if you like keeping your job. I don't know what public parking is like in the area though. My job happens to be right across the street from a 24 hr, unrestricted public lot, with the Amtrak station next door to boot. Most days I have to park in the public parking anyway. :p We used to lease a part of it from the city because we knew we didn't have enough parking spaces, but the owner cheaped out. It wasn't a big deal, I just had to start parking one row back.

Also, this idea has inherent health benefits! You might get a couple of minute walk in each day. Loose weight, be healthier, and green at the same time! ;)
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The old saying... 'you'll get more flies with honey than vinegar'.

Also agreed ... once you start the fight... the fight is on... and walls will go up... people take sides... people stop listening ... those not wanting to get involved will avoid you etc... you can always pick a fight latter after you start off polite and meek if that is what you choose to do ... but you can't always go back to polite and meek after the fight is started.
Why do people even say that anyway? Who in the hell wants to catch flies? Is this some sort of obscure fishing reference? That's the only reason I can think of you could possibly want to catch flies for.

/off topic
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